Thursday, April 5, 2012

an apron

i started using this apron
at the art retreat.
i think it helps me to focus -
and keep on task.
it makes me feel
like art
is something that i really do.
it makes me feel all creative-ish.
yes, the apron helps.
the apron
and of course
chocolate helps too.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a retreat

russ's aunt sometimes jokes -
'why are these people always retreating -
shouldn't they be moving forward?'
i spent last weekend
at artfest -
an art retreat.
it was a really good time.
and i feel
like i moved forward.
i learned new techniques,
and i tried new things -
i actually had the most fun,
doing things i didn't think i'd like.
there was quite a lot of people there -
and a little overwhelming
for little introverted me,
but i did manage
to chat up a few others.
i did 3 workshops -
watercolor butterflies,
plexiglass portraits,
& whimsical wings.
here is some of what i created...

(class shot - i did not create these)

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