Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a holly-day

well we are off to our favorite place
to spend Christmas.
salmon arm.
we are packed and ready and i have a few moments
while we wait for devin to get home from work.
i am looking forward to some relaxing family time.
with snow for the holiday.
and time with friends,
and knitting,
and eating,
and playing games,
and drinking hot chocolate
and tea.
can't wait to come back and start the new year.
merry Christmas to anyone who may be reading.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a party

i have so many things swirling in my head
to write about.
i'm feeling a bit behind.
but, i wanted to put up these pics of
isabel's 1st birthday.

it was a lovely time
with great mexican food
and wonderful company.
i would like to point out that mama mel is 9 months pregnant -
grandma elaine is still on crutches -
daddy chris took 12 hours to construct the cake -
and they invited EVERYONE they knew.
i used to have this much energy -
where the heck did it go?

Monday, December 13, 2010

an inventor

koen is an inventor.
he likes to make plans for all sorts of things.
last year he wrote about building a motorboat out of household items.
the other night he told me of greater inventions.
he said that with 2 spoons, a toothpick and a toaster
he could make a 'jet-pack'.
then he went into elaborate detail
about how to build a 'healer'.
this he said, 'would be handy for the military'.
it is a cardboard box - that opens and closes around your body.
inside there are bandages and slings and medicine-(my suggestion).
i asked him how long a person would have to stay inside
before they'd be healed.
'about 3 seconds', he replied.
i could learn a lesson or two
about dreaming BIG.

Friday, December 10, 2010

a banner

yay!  i finally found the time to get a personal banner up.
i am not completely 100% satisfied with it's look -
but it was an experiment.
apparently a banner is important.
so here it is -
but i think i can do better.
sometime soon.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a bird (or two)

i like birds.

i've never really been a 'bird watcher'.
i have been attracted to blogs that have a lot of birds -
and magazine photos with 'bird art'.
i love to see birds sitting on wires.
and i wonder if they sit up there gossiping -
or telling stories about their children.
i just realized this by the way - because i am trying to be more aware -
while we were decorating the tree.
saige said: 'we really have a lot of bird ornaments'.
it's because i like birds.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a frost

a few days ago we woke up to a white frosting over all our yard.
it was somewhat exciting because
we live in a land where we get very little snow -
and we'll take what we can get and enjoy it - doggone it!
i have been busy, busy.
as usual.
i've wanted to get in my 'studio' more,
but with Christmas almost upon us,
i'm having a hard time getting to the essentials of the season.
tree, lights, gifts, mailing, baking, parties, concerts.
and on top of that we have a rental house that needs a ton of work
before new tenants move in january 1.
so i have been spending my time at a different kind of painting
and color matching - which has been kind of fun and pretty rewarding.
anyways i took these pictures just before church on the frosty day -
in my high heels - with my small camera on macro.
and i realized that -
even though i feel terribly busy,
i am learning to not let these moments pass me by.

Friday, December 3, 2010

a countdown

every year koen and i get out the little numbered glass cups 
and we head to the grocery store with the best bulk candy.
we buy all our favorites
and fill the cups to start the countdown.
this year we could not find our best favorite
spearmint leaves :(
i love that it is original
and it looks so colorful and festive.
i'm not terribly fond of the fact that 
the kids are eating candy
every morning before school,
it's just a little.
i think the teachers can handle it.
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