Friday, June 29, 2012

a washi

who doesn't love this stuff?
i will admit
i've gone a little crazy -
that is nothing new.
i discovered washi tape.
still not so sure
what exactly
to. DO. with. it.
i have managed
to stick it on a couple things.
here is my stash so far.
if you think of any really great uses -
let me know.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a moment

time usually gets the best of me.
i am
a planner,
a controller,
a multitasker,
i make lists.
when i am in the middle of something -
i'm thinking and planning what is next.
i doesn't make for a good listener.
and somehow i miss out on the process.
i am learning in yoga  -
to be present.
to acknowledge thoughts
as them come -
and then
send them on their way.
practicing that in everyday life
is a challenge.
the last couple of days
i've really tried
to just be where i am
and do what i'm doing.
if a 'what next' thought
pops into my head -
i don't add it to the list.
i am doing one thing at a time -
and when that task is complete -
i do the next thing
that pops into my brain.
i am accomplishing just as much -
and so far i haven't forgotten anything urgent.
i don't know if it is feasible
to do this every minute of the day -
because there are
appointments and commitments
that can't be put aside,
but i am liking being in the moment for now.

Monday, June 25, 2012

a tie dye

we had a busy weekend -
even though
there was only 3 of us home.
i spent most of it
creating things
and taking lots of photos
of flowers in the yard.
saige and i -
made some tie dyed shirts
for the crew leaders
at our upcoming vbs.
it was kind of messy,
but lots of fun.
i love all the bright colors together.

this next project
koen was supposed to help me with -
but it was a little finiky
and he got bored -
so i mostly did it myself.
these onesies are for his teacher.
she is soon to have twins. 
i saw a similar set on pinterest -
(it was just a photo - with no link)
and i used 
freezer paper stencils to make mine.
i used a bit too much white paint on the letters.
so it bled a little.
but i still think they are really cute.

Friday, June 22, 2012

a squeeze

my long awaited
watercolor paint has arrived.
it was exciting times
the tubes of color
into the little pans.
i have some
pretty amazing colors -
i'm very anxious to try them out.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

a start

i have been
having fun with my
bloom true
painting course.
its just the beginning
of many layers to come.
here is what i've been working on.
1st canvas - 1st layer
2nd canvas - 1st layer
1st canvas - 2nd layer
2nd canvas - 2nd layer
i am really enjoying -
getting my fingers all
messy with paint.
i usually like quiet.
but, i'm finding -
that painting to music
is really helpful.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

a habit

things just seem to come together.
a while back,
i was contemplating some things.
and probably
beating myself up a little bit.
about some of my lifestyle choices,
and some of the bad habits
that go along with them.
i decided,
to stop feeling badly about them -
and start changing them.
later that week i was reading
oswald chambers -
'my utmost for His highest' -
and there was a whole section
about forming habits.
THEN, i became aware of the book
'the 7 habits of highly effective people' -
which i love, love, love - by the way.
it was clear -
i need to make some changes
so i started with a few small things -
like recycling more,
and using my reusable bags at the grocery store,
turning out lights when i leave a room,
making my bed everyday,
and taking really good care of my houseplants.
these are all things that i have really slacked on in the past,
but felt like they needed change.
so i made a conscious effort to do these things well,
and make some new good habits.
i know that soon i won't even be aware of them.
and i am being rewarded well already.
some of my plants are blooming

there are some bigger habits
that i know need to be
added to the list.
very soon.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a scent

 i wish
someone would invent
a device
that you could
capture a scent with.
russ brought these home
the other day.
he got them from
the garden of an elderly couple
where he was doing some work.
my kitchen
has been filled
with their beautiful scent ever since.
i will be sad
when they are gone.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a preparation

i have signed up
for a painting e-course -
right here.
and i'm pretty excited to get started.
today i paint,
but, i spent yesterday preparing.
i will be posting my creations -
gessoing my canvases

Monday, June 11, 2012

a plea

what is happening to june?
so far
it has been just cruddy weather.
my flowers are blooming
and my garden is growing,
i am not able to get outside
and enjoy them.
please send me some sunshine!

Friday, June 8, 2012

a drink

i am not at all particular about my starbucks.
i think the person taking my order,
and all the people
in line behind me -
are inwardly rolling their eyes.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

a class

since artfest
i have fallen in love
with the plexiglass portraits.
so far i have done four -
and i would do more -
if my husband would hurry up
and cut my new plexiglass for me.
i also
helped teach the techniques
to a high school art class.
it was really fun,
and i think most of the kids enjoyed it too,
and they did a really great job.
here is some of our work.


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