Thursday, April 14, 2011

a mess

so i'm still puttering around
waiting for the house to get finished.
i can't do anything down there.
it is a crazy mess.
there are people,
and paint cans,
and dust,
and drop cloths.
the furniture is all moved around,
and bunched up against each other.
i can't cook,
or clean.
i'm bored.
stella doesn't seem to mind.
she has made fast friends
with all the painters.
she has a white paint spot on her butt,
where she brushed up too close
to a freshly painted section.
she has a light coating of dust
all over her usually shiny black coat.
such a funny little brute.
i wish i could relax like her.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a waste

for the past few days
i have been trapped.
in my studio.
i should be loving this -
and i am, in a way-
but, i feel as though i am wasting my time.
i haven't done anything useful.
because of the painting going on -
on the walls of my house -
i steal away up here from the chaos.
but, everything here is packed away.
i spent yesterday
reading blogs,
reading books,
writing down some ideas,
& knitting.
i really want to be doing something concrete.
i realize that this
is my everyday problem -
wasting time,
and somehow i need to get over it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

a handle

we told our kids
that  when we are older -
WAY older -
and they make us grandparents -
we don't
want to be called boring old
'grandma' & 'grandpa'.
everyone uses those names.
we want to be different -

so different
we want to be known as -
'dotty & rambo'.
"c'mon kids -
get in the car -
we're going to dotty & rambos' for supper"
for now they all roll their eyes,
and say that they won't
participate in this foolishness -
that 'grandma & grandpa'
are fine handles for us.
but, i think if we keep at it -
by the time they are ready to have children -
they just might be used to the idea.

Friday, April 8, 2011

a decision

so the last few days
since i've been home -
have been spent
with the paint chip thingys.
in the picture
it looks like a bunch of randomness.
but, some of those colors actually look good together, &
it's what i have chosen -
and i think it is going to look all fine and dandy in the end.
we decided to have the house painted
before we left for africa -
and then had to really get on the ball
when we got back, because
we had just a little over a week
to be ready.
choosing colors,
packing up,
moving furniture.
normally this would be fun for me -
and a way it still kind of is - but,
i hate the pressure &
i worry about making a wrong decision.
it is a minor stress -
when compared with other things.
packing up the studio
i will post pictures -
with my wide angle -
when it is all said and done.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

an experience

i have pictures to share.
i didn't take as many as i wanted to.
we were terrific-ly busy in africa.
a lot of my photos are taken
from the window of a van.
i had a wonderful time there -
and wanted to sell everything
and turn around and go back
as soon as i got home.
life here seems so much more -
so here is what will probably be
my longest post ever...
the purpose of our trip was
to build a school.
we travelled to namibia
with a large group - students & adults -
43 of us to be exact.
which really is a LOT of people
for a not so people person.
don't get me wrong - i like people -
but i also need alone time.
i got no alone time.
we worked from sun-up
to sun-down - and beyond.
we cooked,
and cleaned  -
and did laundry for the whole group -
by hand.
i burned my foot - badly,
when i stepped into a village fire.
we spent time with the local children
doing a vbs program,
with songs, crafts, and games.
we did various and asundry trips to town -
local villages, and an orphanage.
i did some nursing -
and i am not a nurse.
it was all very exhausting -
but also very rewarding.
i came home confused about
whether i was helping or hindering.
i saw sad things.
i saw kids with no mamas.
i also saw some wonderous things -
we spent the last two days of our trip travelling.
we went to the beach, and sand dunes.
we drove through a safari type park.
we spent a bit of time in the foothills
of spitzkoppe - a beautiful mountain.
we shopped in a small town -
for local crafts,
and iced coffees,
and biltong, (jerky)
and hand spun wool,
and books,
and art,
and ice cream.
love the hairdo's
me with my burnt foot in a bucket of water
baobab tree
quilt shop
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