Saturday, June 29, 2013

porch flowers

so far -
so good.
i've managed
to keep my outdoor plants
mind you -
there certainly is
no shortage
of rain
& cool temperatures,
to help.
i am loving
this flower pot
i want to remember
for next year.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013


i have been
having fun
with mixed media collage.
there is
just something about
mixing a bunch of
random items together
to make
something beautiful.
i love adding
the sketches on vellum
as the focal point.
i could do this forever.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

wendy's mail

things sent 
to wendy
for may's sweet post.

scrap papers, washi bunting, tea, mini watercolor kit, ribbon, stamps, notepads, sticker, carved stamp

mixed media art
experimental tyvek pouch

Thursday, June 13, 2013

from agus

i received mail
from agus -
all the way
from argentina.
her handwriting is lovely,
and her watercolored envelope
is beautiful.
she sent me
a postcard - with a
hand drawn map,
some stickers,
and blueberry tea -
which smells
and tastes
thank you agus.

Monday, June 10, 2013

mehndi party

every year
since i started blogging,
around about april -
the posts start to slow...
and don't really
start up again
until september,
sometimes november,
it's not a planned thing -
it just happens.
life happens,
and i don't
take the time
to take photos,
or document anything,
and my studio
gets - oh so hot -
in the summer months,
so it gets avoided.
so i am
trying to be mindful
of that.
to keep my thoughts flowing,
to be consistent.
i bought a fan,
and i put tin foil
on the skylights.
i hope to be able
to continue.
in the meantime -
i will post some happenings
from last summer,
that i don't want to forget.
these are photos
from a
dear friends
mehndi party & wedding.
i was very excited
about the mehndi part -
and the dressing in a sari part.
i love to experience
different cultures -
and this was beautiful.
the wedding was
small and intimate -
the venue gorgeous -
and we had a
wonderful time
we love the dancing.

Friday, June 7, 2013

washi ideas

who doesn't love 
this stuff?
i have quite a nice
collection of it.
and now 
i need to find
more ways to use it.
i have been doing 
a bit of experimenting.

when i have had
mint tins -
i have kept them.
covering them with washi
looks real cool -
but i'm not sure
what i'll use them all for
in the end.

this one 
i put a bit 
of gesso on first, 
because the tape 
is slightly transparent.
then added 
the tape,
and a magnet
to the inside -
to keep my needles in.
the small scissors 
i use stick nicely
to the outside -
keeping it all together.

anyone have any more ideas?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

happy birthday

a weekend away
to salmon arm,
brought this girl
to come stay with us.

photo credit - Saige McCann

she is adorable,
and adventurous,
and earthy,
and fun to be with.
she rarely wears shoes -
so this of course
is perfect for her.
photo credit - Saige McCann

she is quite the expert.
it has inspired me
to possibly put one
in my yard -
just to practice
balancing on it -
not necessarily walking -
but that may come.
she also
collected things -
to make tea.

which was was lovely
to look at -
and tasted mildly
pretty -
if pretty were a taste -
and sweet -
because of the sugar
of course.
i love how she
just DOES stuff -
she has a curious mind
and doesn't seem to
care about conforming
to this world.
happy birthday,
dear alanna.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

cute pouches

i've gone into
production mode,
making pouches.
i really love them.
they are great for gifts -
and i always have
people to give gifts to.
i am committed
to making them
with hand printed,
natural materials.
and though i didn't
add embroidery
to the pink one -
i think i would next time.
it is fun to match up
the fabrics,
and thread,
and floss,
and zippers,
to make them look cohesive.
i made these 3 -
and gave them to
alanna, katie & saige
and i filled them with
a bunch of goodies.
they seemed to like them.

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