Friday, June 7, 2013

washi ideas

who doesn't love 
this stuff?
i have quite a nice
collection of it.
and now 
i need to find
more ways to use it.
i have been doing 
a bit of experimenting.

when i have had
mint tins -
i have kept them.
covering them with washi
looks real cool -
but i'm not sure
what i'll use them all for
in the end.

this one 
i put a bit 
of gesso on first, 
because the tape 
is slightly transparent.
then added 
the tape,
and a magnet
to the inside -
to keep my needles in.
the small scissors 
i use stick nicely
to the outside -
keeping it all together.

anyone have any more ideas?

1 comment:

  1. yes !!! i love the masking tape !!! some ideas in my blog see you soon with sweet post ;-)


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