Tuesday, June 4, 2013

happy birthday

a weekend away
to salmon arm,
brought this girl
to come stay with us.

photo credit - Saige McCann

she is adorable,
and adventurous,
and earthy,
and fun to be with.
she rarely wears shoes -
so this of course
is perfect for her.
photo credit - Saige McCann

she is quite the expert.
it has inspired me
to possibly put one
in my yard -
just to practice
balancing on it -
not necessarily walking -
but that may come.
she also
collected things -
to make tea.

which was was lovely
to look at -
and tasted mildly
pretty -
if pretty were a taste -
and sweet -
because of the sugar
of course.
i love how she
just DOES stuff -
she has a curious mind
and doesn't seem to
care about conforming
to this world.
happy birthday,
dear alanna.

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