Friday, February 25, 2011

a speed

i didn't think i could -
but i tried -
and i can.
9 miles/hour.
not for very long -
but long enough to know -
that i can do
more than i thought possible.
"it's not who you are that holds you back -
it's who you think you're not."
(author unknown)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

a dress

i was right -
winter is not over.
it is COLD.
i have been spending my days -
doing 'get this done before we leave for africa' tasks.
this weekend we are having
a double baby shower.
i finally finished the dress i've been knitting
for baby annika...
i am pretty proud of it -
i worked diligently,
and it has turned out very well.
i am hoping,
to get a little headband knit too.
but i need to get the booties done -
that i started for the other baby 'a'

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a determination

for the last 3 days
i have been eating
really healthy meals.
and exercising.

i am amazed really -
at how good i feel.
my mind is clearer,
my body is more flexy, (is that a word?)
my posture seems straighter,
and i have a general feeling
of well being.
usually this change for me
lasts about 3-4 days,
and then i give up,
i am determined to lose about 10 lbs -
in the next 3 weeks before africa.
it'll be a great kick start.
we'll see...

Monday, February 21, 2011

a season

has spring sprung?
yesterday i thought -
maybe so.
i found these sweet little beauties
at the local grocery.
they called out to me...
so i bought some.
and these were in my very own yard...
just bursting with spring-dom.
but today -
a different story.
cold hands -
big snowflakes -
a stay inside by the fire
kind of day.
dawson left today too -
making it feel even colder.
i am looking forward
to spring break -
and the warm desert
in africa.
i am keeping busy
getting ready
and planning.
i have lots of last minute
things to do.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a (crazy) obsession

i am obsessed -
with these crazy crocheted hats.
i have made 11 of them
in the past couple of weeks.
they are quick 
and easy -
they don't require much thinking
and i know the pattern off by heart now.
i have other knitting projects 
that need to get done -
alert: baby shower coming up.
but i just can't stop.
it is for a great cause -
children in africa.
but mostly i think
i am crazy obsessed with -
getting rid of my stash.
that's right,
i have yarn that's been hanging around
since the dawn of time.
and some of it i look at
and wonder,
'what was i thinking??'
i typically have bought it
because i liked it.
it felt good
or was a great color -
but i usually didn't really have any particular project
in mind for it.
so this is good -
a good cleansing-
and a promise to no longer buy yarn -
unless it has a specific project assigned to it.
here is me -
wearing one.

Monday, February 14, 2011

a heart

i used it today -
at the spin class.
i pushed it hard.
and all the while thought about -
how i am blessed to have a healthy one.
i actually almost pushed it too hard -
i felt fairly sick
and had to slow down a bit.
i was just testing it -
seeing what it could do.
i've been far too easy on it.
today is v-day.
we don't have many plans.
just chili and cornbread for supper -
and some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.
and love all around.

here are some more 'red' photos -
there is not many..
this last one isn't red - i know.
but it is a heart shape -
and i like it.
happy valentines day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

a valentine

today i am finishing up my valentines.
every year for the last few i've made them
for my kids and honey.
here are the kids ones so far...
and some details...
as you can see -
i used paint sample thingys this year.
i have fallen in love with these things.
they are made of paper -
they come in every color -
and they are FREE -
what more could you ask for??
here is russ's....
 it's kinda blurry -
here are some details...
i used some 'love' like words from other paint chips
and added them on too.
and here are the lovely cupcakes
saige and i put together
for the party tomorrow.
 happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

a day

this day last year i was in fiji.
right about here...
it was a fantastic trip -
with so many great memories.
i never would have thought it so a few years ago -
but i really love travelling.
i have been so fortunate to have seen
other parts of the world.
to experience different cultures,
and landscapes,
and foods,
and people & traditions.
but i also know that i am very fortunate
to come back home.
to a wonderful house,
and bed,
and friends & family.

today i am baking a jillion cupcakes
for our church valentines party -
and i'm building one of those
funky sewn paper banners
i see all over your blogs
to decorate.
i taped up the trial run in the studio.
i think the shapes are too far apart on the strings
so i will make them closer together for the final cut.
hopefully i remember to take photos at the party.
so what are you doing for valentines day?
i know there are some readers out there -
i see it on my stats - so c'mon -
make a comment or two.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a drag

my life used to be simpler.
i'm not exactly sure what changed in me.
when we were newly married
we lived in a smaller house -
we had less money -
less responsibilities.
i had smaller kids
and more time.
we did lots of fun stuff together.
and i seemed to be able to accomplish 
enough to be satisfied.
i was a dreamer
and worked towards
making my dreams a reality.
now i feel more tired -
i like time alone,
and sometimes my dreams  -
seem more like a nuisance.
oh - kind of a sad-ish post -
maybe that's what being sick at home
does to me.
on a happier note...
i want to congratulate my friend 'r' -
on the birth of baby 'a'.
i took this photo 2 weeks before her arrival.
i know that they are spending lovely
alone time at home,
but i so want to see that baby
and give her a cuddle -
but i'll have to wait
until i am over this dreaded sickness.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a date

the first thursday of every month
i have a coffee date with my little sister.

this is a new tradition -
one i hope continues for a long time.
we only live an hours drive away from each other.
but life has been busy
and we haven't made it priority to get together.
usually it's with the kids -
and it's loud -
and busy,
and we don't get a chance to talk
about anything important.
today was our second date -
and i feel like i've gotten to know her better
in the last month -
than i have in years.
and i am so grateful for that.
i snagged this photo of her from her facebook,
cause i think it is gorgeous -
and because i forgot my camera again today.
and speaking of camera -
i have given myself a project to do.
it is called 'project red' -
in honor of valentines day.
every monday in february i will put up red photos -
that i have taken -
it's a pretty tall order for me -
watch for it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

an attitude

i've told my kids a lot
that life is sometimes about doing things
that we don't really WANT to do.
in fact - i tell them - that most of my day
is spent like this.
but what matters really is our attitude.
i decided that i hate going to the gym -
or working out at all.
it's hard,
it hurts,
it's sweaty -
and exhausting.
but i've told my kids that sometimes
the things you do when you don't really want to -
are the things that
you are so glad you made the effort for.
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