Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a drag

my life used to be simpler.
i'm not exactly sure what changed in me.
when we were newly married
we lived in a smaller house -
we had less money -
less responsibilities.
i had smaller kids
and more time.
we did lots of fun stuff together.
and i seemed to be able to accomplish 
enough to be satisfied.
i was a dreamer
and worked towards
making my dreams a reality.
now i feel more tired -
i like time alone,
and sometimes my dreams  -
seem more like a nuisance.
oh - kind of a sad-ish post -
maybe that's what being sick at home
does to me.
on a happier note...
i want to congratulate my friend 'r' -
on the birth of baby 'a'.
i took this photo 2 weeks before her arrival.
i know that they are spending lovely
alone time at home,
but i so want to see that baby
and give her a cuddle -
but i'll have to wait
until i am over this dreaded sickness.

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