Thursday, February 3, 2011

a date

the first thursday of every month
i have a coffee date with my little sister.

this is a new tradition -
one i hope continues for a long time.
we only live an hours drive away from each other.
but life has been busy
and we haven't made it priority to get together.
usually it's with the kids -
and it's loud -
and busy,
and we don't get a chance to talk
about anything important.
today was our second date -
and i feel like i've gotten to know her better
in the last month -
than i have in years.
and i am so grateful for that.
i snagged this photo of her from her facebook,
cause i think it is gorgeous -
and because i forgot my camera again today.
and speaking of camera -
i have given myself a project to do.
it is called 'project red' -
in honor of valentines day.
every monday in february i will put up red photos -
that i have taken -
it's a pretty tall order for me -
watch for it.

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