Thursday, February 10, 2011

a day

this day last year i was in fiji.
right about here...
it was a fantastic trip -
with so many great memories.
i never would have thought it so a few years ago -
but i really love travelling.
i have been so fortunate to have seen
other parts of the world.
to experience different cultures,
and landscapes,
and foods,
and people & traditions.
but i also know that i am very fortunate
to come back home.
to a wonderful house,
and bed,
and friends & family.

today i am baking a jillion cupcakes
for our church valentines party -
and i'm building one of those
funky sewn paper banners
i see all over your blogs
to decorate.
i taped up the trial run in the studio.
i think the shapes are too far apart on the strings
so i will make them closer together for the final cut.
hopefully i remember to take photos at the party.
so what are you doing for valentines day?
i know there are some readers out there -
i see it on my stats - so c'mon -
make a comment or two.

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