Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a (crazy) obsession

i am obsessed -
with these crazy crocheted hats.
i have made 11 of them
in the past couple of weeks.
they are quick 
and easy -
they don't require much thinking
and i know the pattern off by heart now.
i have other knitting projects 
that need to get done -
alert: baby shower coming up.
but i just can't stop.
it is for a great cause -
children in africa.
but mostly i think
i am crazy obsessed with -
getting rid of my stash.
that's right,
i have yarn that's been hanging around
since the dawn of time.
and some of it i look at
and wonder,
'what was i thinking??'
i typically have bought it
because i liked it.
it felt good
or was a great color -
but i usually didn't really have any particular project
in mind for it.
so this is good -
a good cleansing-
and a promise to no longer buy yarn -
unless it has a specific project assigned to it.
here is me -
wearing one.

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