Friday, May 31, 2013

a cursed blessing

these are
my honeys
reading glasses.

he has many pair -
all around
the house,
the cars,
on his person.
he can't seem to function
without them
he is frustrated,
with the fact
that he is getting older,
that his body is not the way it once was,
that he NEEDS these glasses
to see.
i need to wear them
sometimes too.
when i am doing
fine needlework,
or small art pieces.
or reading tiny medicine labels.
i once used them
to look at myself,
up close,
in the mirror!
don't try this!
there may be a good reason
our eyesight starts to fail
as we age.
because russ can't
see all my wrinkles,
and random whiskers,
and large pores.
and grey roots -
he still thinks
i am as beautiful
as the day we met.
curse for him,
blessing for me.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a tulip

i finished 
another painting.
this was one of 
the canvases
that was started 
last year -
with the bloom true course.
it's not really 
'bloom true' style.
but, it is a lot of layers
and i am figured out 
my own style.
which is the point
of painting - 
after all.
i of course -
like it.
even the 
hot pink parts.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

small stamps

i have been 
carving out some 
small stamps.
i love how quick
and easy it is.
i naturally,
am getting better at it -
with the practice.
and my ideas
are endless.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

my garden

the weather
has been gorgeous -
and with that
comes spring planting.
i am going to admit
that i
am not a gardener.
i love the idea of it.
and i look
at several blogs
that do organic farming,
and i long for that
simple life.
the fresh veggies,
the preserved fruit,
the fingers in the earth,
the outdoorsy,
the fall harvest -
kind of life.
but the reality is -
i suck at it.
i hate weeding,
the aching muscles,
the hot sun,
the nuisance of the bugs,
the rabbits eating everything,
the watering,
and the forgetting to water -
so everything dries up -
and there is nothing
but a patch of weeds
to harvest in the fall.
so this year
we planted our garden -
which really very much
makes me happy.
we can just mow.
we kept
the rows of berries,
blue, rasp and straw.
and a row
of volunteer potatoes -
really - they are all in a row.
that's what happens
when you don't harvest.
i have some boxes
on my patio of
lettuce, and herbs,
and a few tomatoes
for me to neglect.
and the rest of the garden
in front of the barn -
will be beautiful
green grass this summer.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

a love peek

i am working on
a little set of paintings.
my hairdresser -
who used to
come to my home -
has now built
a little shop
in her backyard -
and her walls are bare.
she asked me
if i'd be interested
in adding some color
to her space.
i didn't answer right away
because i
second guessed,
& worried,
& told myself i wasn't good enough,
& i didn't want to disappoint.
i decided to do it anyway.
i am doing 12 -
6x6 canvases
brightly colored
in a love theme.
they are still a
work in progress.
hopefully next time
i will post
a picture of them
hanging on her wall.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

to juniper

i don't know
if she has received it yet -
but here is
what i sent out for
my first sweet post
in april.
to juniper -
in malta.

a washi bag, stamped tag, sticker, stamped feather & hand printed fabric swatch
an envelope stamp, stamped trees, twine, tea and an origami dress
hand stamped image, scrap paper, embroidered bird & an old stamp
a mixed media piece

Friday, May 10, 2013

the lilacs

don't blink -
or you will miss them.
i wish
they lasted longer.
but, right now
i will take
the scent that
has filled my kitchen.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

cool stamps

along with the
mail swaps -
different stamps -
from many countries.
russ gets almost
as excited as me
to see the
mail come
he is a collector.
i enjoy them
they are like
mini works of art.

i have a bag
of old
worthless stamps
that we bought
long ago for $2.
i like to use them
in my own art
to add to
mixed media pieces.
so i decided
that everyone
could use a little
stamp love.
so now-
when i mail something
i am not going to
just get
the post office
to put that
the $ amount
of postage
on my packages.
nope -
i'm going to
pretty them up -
with my
cool stamps
all the way
from canada.

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