Friday, May 31, 2013

a cursed blessing

these are
my honeys
reading glasses.

he has many pair -
all around
the house,
the cars,
on his person.
he can't seem to function
without them
he is frustrated,
with the fact
that he is getting older,
that his body is not the way it once was,
that he NEEDS these glasses
to see.
i need to wear them
sometimes too.
when i am doing
fine needlework,
or small art pieces.
or reading tiny medicine labels.
i once used them
to look at myself,
up close,
in the mirror!
don't try this!
there may be a good reason
our eyesight starts to fail
as we age.
because russ can't
see all my wrinkles,
and random whiskers,
and large pores.
and grey roots -
he still thinks
i am as beautiful
as the day we met.
curse for him,
blessing for me.

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