Wednesday, May 22, 2013

my garden

the weather
has been gorgeous -
and with that
comes spring planting.
i am going to admit
that i
am not a gardener.
i love the idea of it.
and i look
at several blogs
that do organic farming,
and i long for that
simple life.
the fresh veggies,
the preserved fruit,
the fingers in the earth,
the outdoorsy,
the fall harvest -
kind of life.
but the reality is -
i suck at it.
i hate weeding,
the aching muscles,
the hot sun,
the nuisance of the bugs,
the rabbits eating everything,
the watering,
and the forgetting to water -
so everything dries up -
and there is nothing
but a patch of weeds
to harvest in the fall.
so this year
we planted our garden -
which really very much
makes me happy.
we can just mow.
we kept
the rows of berries,
blue, rasp and straw.
and a row
of volunteer potatoes -
really - they are all in a row.
that's what happens
when you don't harvest.
i have some boxes
on my patio of
lettuce, and herbs,
and a few tomatoes
for me to neglect.
and the rest of the garden
in front of the barn -
will be beautiful
green grass this summer.

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