Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a glass garden

last weekend
saige & i went to seattle
for the 'revolve tour'.
i had a great time
just spending the
the tour speakers
were really good.
though we both
could have done without
the screaming girls.
our highlight was later.
we went downtown
to see the
chihuly garden & glass.
and it was
truly amazing.
we were
in awe.
we could have spent
all day there.
and if i lived locally -
i'd have a membership
so i could go
whenever i wanted.
if you are ever
in the seattle area
i highly recommend it.
it will
these photos absolutely
don't do it justice.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

more sweet post

it is late in the month -
but here is my
april mailing
for sweet post.

it is for Juniper
over at
capers & olives.
i'm not
going to reveal
what is inside
the blog for this trade
is over here.
i will post the insides
once she receives it.

Friday, April 26, 2013

a sweet post

through a very cool
but roundabout way -
i have signed up
for a mail trade.
there are 12 of us
from all over
the world -
which is very exciting!
i am enjoying
making new friends
this way.
i received
my first mail -
all the way from portugal
from Telma.
she makes some beautiful jewelry.
here is what she sent me...

some patterned paper,
tea from portugal,
a letter
and a beautiful necklace,
that she made herself -
with the cutest
little pinecone charm.
thank you Telma!
i will get to send her
something back
in december.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

a few fat quarters

here are the amazing
fat quarters
i received from
the handprinted fabric swap.
one was hiding out
in the mail
for a long time -
i was waiting
for it to arrive
before posting.

i love how 
they all incorporated 
into their designs
it's my fave.
these are the lovely ladies
that made them...

Amber from stark raving creative
Em from mousy browns house
Helen from my inner thread, &
Kim from reclaim prints -
who also tossed in
an awesome knitting bag.

thank you so much ladies.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

a notion

not that kind of notion.
this one...


  [noh-shuhn]  Show IPA
a general understanding; vague or imperfect conception or idea of something: a notion of how something should be done.
an opinion, view, or belief: That's his notion, not mine.
conception or idea: his notion of democracy.
a fanciful or foolish idea; whim: She had a notion to swim in the winter.

i often get the notion
that i know 
what's best.
this has often got me 
into trouble
with trying 
to control situations -
and dare i say it? -
and this in turn
sets me up 
for disappointment 
when things don't go
'my way'.

i am trying
to learn
to let go.
learning that
i really don't know 
what is best.
and i am trying 
to learn
to hand it all over 
to the One 
that does.
without trying to
snatch it right back 
out of His hands.

parenting young adults 
is more difficult
than i imagined -
and MY kids are 
super awesome!
i really need
to know when to speak -
and when to 
keep my mouth 
completely shut.
i need 
to let them go
so they can
make decisions -
and mistakes,
without my influence meddling.

i also 
need to
these are my thoughts 
for the day.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

a handwritten note

i've had these a while.
i bought them 
at a little shop.
i love the handwriting,
and the stamps & postmarks,
and how the addresses
have very little detail
and still managed to 
find their destination.
and i love the fact that 
'miss hardy' 
received quite a lot of mail.
i am a crazy collector -
i know.

Hope this will please you and this is what I am going to do coming home from the social.  
Love from one you know

Dear Cousin, I hope you are all well as we are all well at present  I hope you will be going to come and us all on Saturday the show is to be held hear on Saturday first so you might write and let me know if you are comming on the Friday My cousin Bob is going to come to I will give you all the news when you come - write soon

Dear B. got your P.C. some time ago.  Joe & I enjoying our holidays/ A.I./ having lovely weather.  how are you getting on.  I am still sticking to the old place have not got a wok (?) since Sarah left in May.  give my love to Meg not forgetting yourself hoping to hear from you again.  From Your chum Ileen.

Dear Beatrice, just a PC hoping to find you and Mary both well - try & come down as soon as you can on Sunday  - if a good she can perhaps have a walk down to Portobello David and I was down last night & it was delightfull is going their for the day with the family on Friday and Abe Lowe on Saturday all is well with Love from both 

Dear Neice just a line to say we are all well & Baby keeping well & doing fine hope you are in the best of health & got a nice girl beside you again I forgot whos turn it was to write but think it is mine escuse scral with love from (?)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a glass beach

one of the highlights
of our trip -
was glass beach.
on the west coast of california -
in a town called fort bragg.
the story is, 
in the early 20th century -
residents used the cliffs
as a garbage dump
i don't know who
would think 
this is a good idea.
but anyways...
the dump was closed in 1967 -
and clean up began.
they set fires to reduce the piles,
and larger items were removed.
the ocean did the rest.
the combination of 
the pounding waves,
& the large rocks 
that line the beach
broke the garbage down
and tumbled everything around.
the whole beach 
is filled with 
pieces of glass & pottery. 
we could have 
spent a lot more time there -
just hunting for treasures,
but we still had a long way to drive.
my favorites were the pottery.
i tried to figure out
what each piece
may have been.


if you are ever 
anywhere near that area.
i recommend dropping in.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

an art-o-mat

my art-y friend anthea
told me about
it is
an organization
that converts
old cigarette machines -
to dispense art!
how cool is that?
so while we were in vegas
koen and i went on a walk
to check it out.
the website
says there are 8 machines
in the cosmopolitan hotel -
i wish i'd had
more time to find them all -
but maybe it was for the best -
i would have bought
a piece from each of them
check out their website
to see if there is one near you -
or if you'd like to submit
some art for the machines.
i am thinking about it.

this is art by mike filippello

and by kelli busch

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