Thursday, April 18, 2013

a handwritten note

i've had these a while.
i bought them 
at a little shop.
i love the handwriting,
and the stamps & postmarks,
and how the addresses
have very little detail
and still managed to 
find their destination.
and i love the fact that 
'miss hardy' 
received quite a lot of mail.
i am a crazy collector -
i know.

Hope this will please you and this is what I am going to do coming home from the social.  
Love from one you know

Dear Cousin, I hope you are all well as we are all well at present  I hope you will be going to come and us all on Saturday the show is to be held hear on Saturday first so you might write and let me know if you are comming on the Friday My cousin Bob is going to come to I will give you all the news when you come - write soon

Dear B. got your P.C. some time ago.  Joe & I enjoying our holidays/ A.I./ having lovely weather.  how are you getting on.  I am still sticking to the old place have not got a wok (?) since Sarah left in May.  give my love to Meg not forgetting yourself hoping to hear from you again.  From Your chum Ileen.

Dear Beatrice, just a PC hoping to find you and Mary both well - try & come down as soon as you can on Sunday  - if a good she can perhaps have a walk down to Portobello David and I was down last night & it was delightfull is going their for the day with the family on Friday and Abe Lowe on Saturday all is well with Love from both 

Dear Neice just a line to say we are all well & Baby keeping well & doing fine hope you are in the best of health & got a nice girl beside you again I forgot whos turn it was to write but think it is mine escuse scral with love from (?)

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