Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a glass beach

one of the highlights
of our trip -
was glass beach.
on the west coast of california -
in a town called fort bragg.
the story is, 
in the early 20th century -
residents used the cliffs
as a garbage dump
i don't know who
would think 
this is a good idea.
but anyways...
the dump was closed in 1967 -
and clean up began.
they set fires to reduce the piles,
and larger items were removed.
the ocean did the rest.
the combination of 
the pounding waves,
& the large rocks 
that line the beach
broke the garbage down
and tumbled everything around.
the whole beach 
is filled with 
pieces of glass & pottery. 
we could have 
spent a lot more time there -
just hunting for treasures,
but we still had a long way to drive.
my favorites were the pottery.
i tried to figure out
what each piece
may have been.


if you are ever 
anywhere near that area.
i recommend dropping in.

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