Monday, April 1, 2013

a covert robin

i signed up
for another swap.
it is kind of exciting
to received something
in the mail.
i need to be careful though
not to get too carried away
with these swaps.
the deadlines
can be stressful.
i can't reveal
who it is going to -
but, it is completed,
and was mailed out
two weeks ago.

i made a cute pouch
with some of
my hand printed fabric.
i used a coordinating zipper
and lining fabric,
and i embroidered on the linen.
i used this free pattern -
which is awesome -
and easy.

and what pouch 
would be complete
without some goodies inside?

i hope she likes it.


  1. l love how you have added your twist on the design,looks great,the instructions look easy,l'm going to make myself one.

  2. such a lovely pouch and great goodies


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