Monday, June 10, 2013

mehndi party

every year
since i started blogging,
around about april -
the posts start to slow...
and don't really
start up again
until september,
sometimes november,
it's not a planned thing -
it just happens.
life happens,
and i don't
take the time
to take photos,
or document anything,
and my studio
gets - oh so hot -
in the summer months,
so it gets avoided.
so i am
trying to be mindful
of that.
to keep my thoughts flowing,
to be consistent.
i bought a fan,
and i put tin foil
on the skylights.
i hope to be able
to continue.
in the meantime -
i will post some happenings
from last summer,
that i don't want to forget.
these are photos
from a
dear friends
mehndi party & wedding.
i was very excited
about the mehndi part -
and the dressing in a sari part.
i love to experience
different cultures -
and this was beautiful.
the wedding was
small and intimate -
the venue gorgeous -
and we had a
wonderful time
we love the dancing.

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