Friday, April 8, 2011

a decision

so the last few days
since i've been home -
have been spent
with the paint chip thingys.
in the picture
it looks like a bunch of randomness.
but, some of those colors actually look good together, &
it's what i have chosen -
and i think it is going to look all fine and dandy in the end.
we decided to have the house painted
before we left for africa -
and then had to really get on the ball
when we got back, because
we had just a little over a week
to be ready.
choosing colors,
packing up,
moving furniture.
normally this would be fun for me -
and a way it still kind of is - but,
i hate the pressure &
i worry about making a wrong decision.
it is a minor stress -
when compared with other things.
packing up the studio
i will post pictures -
with my wide angle -
when it is all said and done.

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