Thursday, June 14, 2012

a habit

things just seem to come together.
a while back,
i was contemplating some things.
and probably
beating myself up a little bit.
about some of my lifestyle choices,
and some of the bad habits
that go along with them.
i decided,
to stop feeling badly about them -
and start changing them.
later that week i was reading
oswald chambers -
'my utmost for His highest' -
and there was a whole section
about forming habits.
THEN, i became aware of the book
'the 7 habits of highly effective people' -
which i love, love, love - by the way.
it was clear -
i need to make some changes
so i started with a few small things -
like recycling more,
and using my reusable bags at the grocery store,
turning out lights when i leave a room,
making my bed everyday,
and taking really good care of my houseplants.
these are all things that i have really slacked on in the past,
but felt like they needed change.
so i made a conscious effort to do these things well,
and make some new good habits.
i know that soon i won't even be aware of them.
and i am being rewarded well already.
some of my plants are blooming

there are some bigger habits
that i know need to be
added to the list.
very soon.

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