Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a moment

time usually gets the best of me.
i am
a planner,
a controller,
a multitasker,
i make lists.
when i am in the middle of something -
i'm thinking and planning what is next.
i doesn't make for a good listener.
and somehow i miss out on the process.
i am learning in yoga  -
to be present.
to acknowledge thoughts
as them come -
and then
send them on their way.
practicing that in everyday life
is a challenge.
the last couple of days
i've really tried
to just be where i am
and do what i'm doing.
if a 'what next' thought
pops into my head -
i don't add it to the list.
i am doing one thing at a time -
and when that task is complete -
i do the next thing
that pops into my brain.
i am accomplishing just as much -
and so far i haven't forgotten anything urgent.
i don't know if it is feasible
to do this every minute of the day -
because there are
appointments and commitments
that can't be put aside,
but i am liking being in the moment for now.

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