Monday, December 13, 2010

an inventor

koen is an inventor.
he likes to make plans for all sorts of things.
last year he wrote about building a motorboat out of household items.
the other night he told me of greater inventions.
he said that with 2 spoons, a toothpick and a toaster
he could make a 'jet-pack'.
then he went into elaborate detail
about how to build a 'healer'.
this he said, 'would be handy for the military'.
it is a cardboard box - that opens and closes around your body.
inside there are bandages and slings and medicine-(my suggestion).
i asked him how long a person would have to stay inside
before they'd be healed.
'about 3 seconds', he replied.
i could learn a lesson or two
about dreaming BIG.

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