Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a frost

a few days ago we woke up to a white frosting over all our yard.
it was somewhat exciting because
we live in a land where we get very little snow -
and we'll take what we can get and enjoy it - doggone it!
i have been busy, busy.
as usual.
i've wanted to get in my 'studio' more,
but with Christmas almost upon us,
i'm having a hard time getting to the essentials of the season.
tree, lights, gifts, mailing, baking, parties, concerts.
and on top of that we have a rental house that needs a ton of work
before new tenants move in january 1.
so i have been spending my time at a different kind of painting
and color matching - which has been kind of fun and pretty rewarding.
anyways i took these pictures just before church on the frosty day -
in my high heels - with my small camera on macro.
and i realized that -
even though i feel terribly busy,
i am learning to not let these moments pass me by.

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