Sunday, February 26, 2012

an issue

i've been cleaning out my closet.
trying to be really brutal
with myself.
it's been hard.

that aside -
i found a stack of magazines
in the back of the closet.

people who know me
will say i have a magazine problem.
i really have HEAPS of them.
so this particular stack
is about a foot and a half tall.
not too bad
when you compare...
um - oh - never mind that.

i thought to myself -
'i need to go through these -
there might be something good inside'

i realized -
that most of these particular -
back of the closet magazines
were from 2005!!
why am i so ridiculous??
i quickly went to the recipes section
and ripped some out.
will i ever make any of them?
flipping quickly through
i discovered there is nothing i need
between these pages.
and furthermore -
do any of the other magazines
that i currently am storing -
have anything of value in them?

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