Friday, March 2, 2012

a man

who says
you can't
jump on the trampoline
in the snow?

we just got a light dusting
last weekend.
it came hard and fast
and we really thought
it would amount to something.
but no,
it stopped
just as quickly as it started.
he had fun while it lasted.
speaking of him having fun.
this week,
he wanted to walk to the corner store -
by himself.
i was screaming on the inside -
but i let him go.
he ran all the way there -
and all the way back.
he thought he'd seen a man
with a chloroform cloth,
but he was just wiping his nose
in the end.
(too much tin-tin).
he wasn't scared -
he was pumped.
he said so -
"i am so pumped! -
i feel like a man!",
it's so hard to let them go,
but so satisfying.

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