Tuesday, November 27, 2012

an art swap

i recently participated in an art swap.
it was based on
a recent online class that i took
called 'bloom true'.
i was a scared
putting my name on that list -
because it had a deadline -
and i hadn't completed
one painting that i had started in that class yet,
and i was struggling to paint something
that i liked.
i am so glad i participated -
it forced me to create
i had to work with the deadline -
i pushed through the struggles i had,
and i completed 16 mini paintings.
i added the outlines of flowers and leaves.
and in the end
i added a word to each painting.
using the word 'grow' -
and my trusty thesaurus.
i felt like i was really 'getting it'.
there were 16 participants
so i got to keep one painting for myself.
i chose this one to keep -
'swell' -

because it was the only one 
i felt moved beyond my original intention.
which was what the class was all about -
painting with no end in mind,
and using your intuition.

i even had extra time
to add some little goodies
to each package.

today is the deadline
and i am on my way to post them.


  1. Hi Cheryl, I am one of the lucky ones :) I just received your beautiful "Multiply" card for the Bloom True November Card Swap. And what a great idea to add goodies so we can multiply and make more art card. I will send you a photo soon :)
    Happy Holidays!

    1. hello francine - i guess it is a small create-y world. the 'multiply' card was one of my favorites. do you have a blog? i can't seem to access it from here.

  2. I took the Bloom True class too and loved it. Mine are still unfinished......well mostly finished. I loved seeing what you did for your swap and your final paintings in your January 14 post.


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