Thursday, July 18, 2013

gambier island

our very good friends
have some property
on gambier island.
we love to go there.
our kids love to go there.
they have it perfectly
set up
for tons of fun.
there's a tree house,
a fire pit,
a hot tub.
you can kayak,
practice archery,
or darts.
it is peaceful,
and mind clearing.
my favorite is to
look out the windows
of the cabin from my bed
in the morning -
and then kayak the bay
first thing -
when not many others
are up and about -
and it is quiet.
we are tempted
to buy a place there
these photos are from
several trips there.
last weekend,
they let us go by ourselves.
we took the girlfriends too.
made a quick trip
over to gibsons landing
for lunch -
and ice cream,
and a bit of browsing.
we bought a boat -
this year,
and i keep wondering why
we didn't do that
a long time ago.
we have had
some awesome adventures.

this one fell off the dock into the drink and needed rescuing

sleeping on the dock

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