Tuesday, September 17, 2013

hello again

oh little blog -
how i have missed you.
i have missed
doing art,
taking photos,
& taking peeks -
at other blogs,
i am way behind
on my sweet posts,
and a multitude of other things.
it has been a good summer -
with lots of adventures,
and a little
back to school 'goodbye'.
september brought
work challenges,
and frustrations,
and disappointments.
good always comes of it.
i am back in the saddle,
of helping to run
our construction business -
after 16 years of not.
it is all new,
and learning,
and dealing with people -
which is scary and challenging.
i am hoping though,
that it won't
mean less -
family time,
and art time,
and back here time.
i'll be into a regular routine,
next week -
we'll see how it goes.
hello again
to all my blog friends.

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