Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a hobby

a few years ago
i was in a scrapbook store with my kids.
they, as usual,
were complaining - while i browsed.
i had a few purchases in my basket -
then devin said to me -
"mom, why are you buying all this stuff -
you don't even scrapbook"
to which i promptly replied -
"scrapbooking isn't my hobby -
BUYING scrapbook supplies is my hobby"
it seemed kind of funny at the time,
and we all had a good laugh about it.
but lately i am coming to realize -
the more things i accumulate -
the less funnier it gets.
i really am spoiled rotten.
i've had the privilege of staying home
with my kids.
while my husband works.
i have money, time, space,
TONS of supplies.
and HEAPS of excuses.
take a look at my stash... 
a myriad of pens, pencils & markers

some of these are unopened

clean brushes - more unopened paint and mediums

cupboards and drawers full of books and paper
journals and sketchbooks - most of them empty

full drawers of misc doodads, glue, paint & jewelry making supplies

clean brushes and unused watercolor pencils

a whole huge darkroom full of photography supplies

it's time for me to stop consuming -
and start creating.
i am an artist on the inside -
i always have been.
it's time for me to start using what i have -
engaging in my life.
and producing.
i'm not going to buy anymore stuff -
i'm changing hobbies.

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