Thursday, October 13, 2011

a return

i'm not lazy.
ok - maybe i am - a little.
i left this blog for a few months
even though i loved it.
i lacked motivation.
it seems to be a problem with me.
when russ and i were first married -
there was a song -
created and sung by his family, about the family,
to the tune of "12 days of Christmas".
each person was mentioned.
the part about me went...
'on the 10th day of Christmas,
cheryl gave to me -
10 unfinished projects'.
i hid my hurt -
but, i knew it was true.
what is it about me
that gets inspired -
starts things -
and then drops them like
a hot rock?
i have the time, money & inspiration.
i have no excuses.
i admire artists who are true to their work,
and struggle to make ends meet.
all the planets need to be aligned -
the i's dotted, and the t's crossed.
in order for me to take the time -
to do
what i really long to do.
crazy i know.

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