Friday, December 2, 2011

an artist

i had such a relaxing
inspirational time on our vacation.
while sunning,
and swimming,
(and eating),
i did manage
to make some time for art.
in 8 days -
i created 7 pieces.
i drew from my experiences,
and things that i saw -
in real life.
i am coming to realize
that it doesn't really matter
what the piece looks like - really.
what matters is that i took the time,
the concentration,
the patience -
to practice,
and to produce something from -
not copied,
or coveted from someone else's work.
i have hesitated -
always -
to call myself
an artist.
but i think -
i might just be.


  1. Wonderful paintings!
    Love the cereal one-

    sandy toe

  2. Yes you are!!! Believe it! These are GREAT. Keep at it. I love your thought process.


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