Friday, December 23, 2011

a few things

every year in about november -
i get to thinking
that i should make gifts.
time is usually a problem -
but, i've been trying to
use my time more wisely.
so this year i have managed
to crank out a few things
that i actually completed.
and that is good enough for me.
i made my mom a knitting needle case.

she is a new knitter -
and i don't think she has many needles,
but it will help her corral them
all together in one place.
i am making this 'love' pillow -
for my sister.
and a gorgeous moebius scarf
out of mohair,
for my friend kerry.
and one for sam,
and one for belynda too,
and probably one for myself.
i also completed
a cozy little vest -
for my new great nephew.
(who hasn't arrived quite yet).

it's almost here.
and i'm almost ready.


  1. Cheryl, that knitting needle case is just beautiful! I know you mom is going to love it. All of your projects are great! I'm not a knitter, so I completely admire you. I hope you'll post the completed "love" pillow. It looks like it is going to be really neat!

  2. Wow Cheryl , all of these things are amazing. The vest is adorable. I would love the knitting needle holder as well.


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