Monday, January 23, 2012

a book

well it doesn't seem
like just any book.
chapter by chapter -
i am brought to tears.
i need this book.
i am learning -
to notice &
be thankful.
i often chide koen -
for being too slow,
when i should be
learning from him -
to take my time -
to feel,
to notice,
to enjoy,
and to see.
i don't know
if i can ever be thankful
for dirty dishes.
i am willing -
to learn,
and stretch,
and grow.


  1. Hey! I think you just commented on my blog about the laminated fabric. It is a cousin to oilcloth but is actually fabric that has a lamination put on it. So the underside is soft cotton fabric and the topside is smooth and shiny and wipeable! It is the best stuff. I've made bags, bibs, aprons, coin purses, etc, out of it. If you want you can type laminated fabric in the search box on my blog and it should bring up all the posts that have this fabric in them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! God Bless

  2. I have heard so much about this book. I really need to put it on my wish list. I'm glad you found something that touches you so.

  3. I have this book too. There must be something wrong with me though, while I love her message, I just can't get into the book...I think it's her writing style.


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