Tuesday, January 31, 2012

an illustrated life

i bought this book
quite a while ago.
it is a wonderful compilation
of different artist sketchbooks.
i love
how you can view
many styles and techniques
all together in one book.
i love
how people can illustrate
architecture in their own way -
one is loose and sketchy,
one is very precise,
one is solid watercolor strokes.
and they are all wonderful to look at.
i love
how the featured artists
have common threads -
about how art makes them feel,
why they do it,
and how important it is to them.
i love
that i'm not alone -
in rediscovering my connection
to art later,
and in always knowing it was
a part of me.
i love
that it has helped free me
from making everything perfect,
and to just keep at it.
that i can make
my own rules,
and i can take it anywhere.
here is a peek
at what i've done this last week...

1 comment:

  1. Your water color paintings are so soothing and pretty.


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