Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a muse

well i had a long weekend away -
and i've been home
for a couple of days already.
i've been working on my
sketchbook delight class.
i've spent 2 weeks
on the 'finding your muse' lesson.
i needed more time -
still need more time.
this is a struggle i have had.
finding my own creative expression.
without copying others.
i feel like there is nothing new to create.
i was wrong.
alisa was right.
i need to keep off the computer for
creative inspirations -
and get out into the world,
and figure out my own stuff.
to see,
and gather,
and feel,
and notice.
i can't get it from someone else.
it's got to be my own.
i'm going to concentrate on this lesson,
for another week -
before i move on.
when i get back from my vacation -
i will have some art to show -
and it will be from my own experiences.

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