Friday, November 18, 2011

a year

 it has been
exactly one year ago today -
that i began this blog.
i cannot believe
where the time has gone.
this has really been
a great creative tool
for me.
staging & taking photos,
taking notice of small life things -
and lessons learned.
i can look back at my posts -
at things i might have otherwise forgotten.
i am starting to make some new friends.
2 real followers - woo-hoo.
i'm hoping for another year -
in a thoughtful journey -
with my thoughtful journal.
i'm glad to be here.


  1. I love that your so thoughtful! I am, really..I just comes out all crazy on my blog!

    I am glad to be here, too...

  2. Happy Blogaversary! I love that blogs are an online journal of our lives. We can go back and see what we were doing this time last year.
    I wish you continued success on your thoughtful journey!


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