Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a hole

i have fallen into the same hole.
it is only january 19th -
and already i am jumping onto the busy train.
things just are always going to come up and
i am not always going to make the time
for what gives me peace.
yesterday i gave my time away to others
who needed my friendship and my listening ear.
but some of the time i felt selfish about it.
i know that it is not always about me
and i am called to do more
than just think about myself.
but it's hard.
this is a page in my sketchbook.
it is about my yoga class,
and teacher.
and how i appreciate what advice & insights she gives.
but it is also about how i know that there is only One
who can fill the hole in my soul -
and that is where i really need my focus to be.

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