Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a moment

here i am -
almost a week since my last post.
and i could whinge about it,
and give many excuses -
but i won't. 
i didn't want it to be this way though.
i wanted to be regular enough blogger -
to have loyal followers -
who would read -
and miss me if i wasn't there.
i know that takes time - and patience.
and i haven't let any of my 'in person' friends know.
because i wanted to make 'new' friends.
i did finally get my first comment this week.
*insert joyful smile. (thank you michael).
so i know people are finding me.
i want to spend more time at this -
and sometimes i long to be here writing.
because i have much swirling around in my head.
i have moment before i tuck the kids into bed tonight
to post a piece from my sketchbook.
i wanted this blog to be a place to put this stuff.
and while i do have photos on here -
i want to do what i don't usually do.
does that make any sense?

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