Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a resolution

for many years i made resolutions.
or resolution.
always the same one.
then the last few years i gave up -
on that type of thinking.
i never followed through -
and figured it was useless to even try.
this year i want it to be different.
i have goals -
things i want to do -
things i want to accomplish.
so i will write them down this time -
and i will look back at it -
and keep myself in check.
i have good, honest ideas -
problem is....
i'm too rough on myself.
if things don't go exactly as planned -
it's over.
i need more flexibility - but -
if there's too much flex -
the little devil on my left shoulder takes over.
i need balance.
so here's what i want to accomplish
starting now.
- i want to get to know the God of the universe better.
- i want good health and a fit body that is able.
- i want to spend time and be more understanding
in my relationships.
- i want to be less of me and more of others.
- i want to spend more time creatively than ever before.
- i want to do a 365 project - a photo a day.
- i want to get to know my digital camera better.
- and learn photoshop.
- i want to live more peacefully - less scheduled -
but still productive.
- i want to enjoy life as it comes - in little things,
like laundry, cooking and cleaning bathrooms.
- i want to be more grateful & thankful & content
with who i am, and what i have.
-i want to finish what i start.
whew! that was a long list, i'm sure there is more,
but my brain is getting tired already just thinking about it.

1 comment:

  1. amazing list.

    this year i'm following the advice 'less is more.'

    i just choose one word to focus on this year. loving it so far!


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