Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a homebody

i am a homebody.
i love my house.
it really has everything i need -
i love the colors and most of the furniture.
i love the smell and how it is warm and inviting.
i love how my kids like to be home more than anywhere else.
i feel most peaceful when i can spend time
at home
doing homey things.
i strongly dislike the running around -
dropping kids off - picking them up -
school, piano, friends houses, shopping.
once i am out there doing it it's not so bad.
it's just the leaving.
when devin was in grade one-
he cried every morning for a few months
whenever i dropped him off.
he said it wasn't that he didn't like school,
or his teacher,
or his friends.
he just wanted to be home -
with me.
i know i just need to embrace this necessity,
and find a balance.
and schedule that works.
right now i need to go pick up a birthday gift for my sister -
and a space heater for my studio (brrr my fingers are numb) -
and pick up the kids -
and drive to piano...

1 comment:

  1. i hear ya! i love being home too. sometimes theres no other place i'd rather be.


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